The Armadillo

This blog deals with comics studies and US-American visual culture. It is curated by Isabelle Licari-Guillaume, a PhD candidate in Anglophone studies in Université Bordeaux Montaigne, France, who is also a member of La Brèche, a francophone association of junior researchers in the comics field. This blog should be seen as a complement to traditional academic activities (articles, conferences etc.). It aims at providing access to documents that possess academic value but are not publishable in their current states, such as interviews with comics creators, critical pieces dealing with a specific issue, popularization essays, or even practice-based projects exploring the value of comics as a scientific discourse. From the point of view of the researcher herself, the blog helps encourage and develop enquiry into new topics,while also providing a simple way to archive past works. This blog is not intended to serve as a platform for conference announcements, book reviews, bibliograpies or calls for papers. Such information is available on the website of the association La Brèche (, which should migrate to Hypotheses by the end of the year.

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